Thursday, April 9, 2009

1585. I haven't been able to verify any of the guesses for this tool:
-sailboat cleat for holding a line
-cleat used to stretch a tarp, canvas, or leather
-hanger for mops and brooms

1586. A center finder used with a workpiece on a lathe:

Larger image

1587. My guess is that this tool was used for making sand casting patterns, the only other suggestions posted were that it's a tool for holding corrugated metal in place during assembly, and for installing an escutcheon plate over a lock handle.

Close-up image

1588. A door knocker:

These last two are from Stan Seevers' collection

1589. Long's 1911 New Era Rope Spreader, or rope needle, it was used with a rope machine by sliding it along the length of the strands to force the formation of a tight and constant spiral, patent number 998,360.

1590. A sheet metal gauge:

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